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Merryweather Kyla Sardinia
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My last post here was January 12! That's a long time ago!

What has happened? Well, Valandhir and I keep RPing, though it's slowed a bit. I still read a lot, and I downloaded a copy of Sim City 2000, though I am only so happy with it, so I bought a copy of the original DVD on Ebay. I love that game dearly, it's one of my oldest favourites.

I have picked up playing Ravenblack's vampire game, a ridiculously simple online game with a nine-square play screen with text tags for other players and NPCs. I guess it's lucky I had donated some money to the game, which comes with a guarantee that one's vampire will not be deleted, so Tier Rana (named after an old character of mine) was still there for me to start playing again.

I am actually not reading much Hobbit fic, with several fics I have on subscription/alert that I stalled in my reading and haven't yet picked them up again. I tend to read Harry Potter fics as my typical fallback.

The storyline in RP has progressed, with the aftermath of Kíli's Awakening and the Keystone Ward leading into timeline crossovers. That gave rise to a huge storyline in Adventure-verse, the story that started with Nárë finding Russandol. It's expanded to a huge story about a dark!Kíli, a plot to forge a couple of Rings of Power into one ring so Boromir can wield a sword that will help him defeat Sauron and the Easterling Empire. But true to our modus operandi, Kíli and Boromir end up bonded, Elenarien (Kizár by another name) ends up finding Anvari, partly due to Elenarien having been given a pile of RB!Kizár's memories, sets up for Asutri to meet Frérin, and Elenlossë is detirmed to end up claiming Cáno's soul.
That's another thing, Kizár found her sister working as a servant in Cáno's (Maglor's) service, wearing an Elven form given to her by Ulmo. Adventure-verse she stayed a stone when Ulmo gave her a choice, so she's only recently become an Elf via Kíli's forging her a shapeshifting frame like Kizár/Elenarien's. I should post pics I've made on dollmakers of her, and Lossanárë as well.

Meanwhile Aesir has had some time-travelling adventures where he's met three of Kíli's past lives, going back in time to meet Tiórvi - Durin the 4th - and Aurvang - Durin the 5th. He ended up saving the family line in both cases, fathering twins with Tiórvi, and helping Aurvang recover from being an orc-slave. More recently Askíl - Durin the 2nd - came forward and forged a "Sky Stone" to help Kíli through his pregnancy, since Askíl saw his brother Frérin Dragonsbane carry a half-human son by his soulmate Talion. Yes, he and Aesir had some personal time while he was present.
The shared mindset of both Aesir and Kíli about Aesir's relations with the earlier Durins is that it's Kíli. It's Kíli getting some intimate time with his One True Love at points when he was younger. Askí=Kíli. Tiórvi=Kíli. Aurvang=Kíli. I kinda would like to eventually have Aesir also spend some time with Thoraine (Durin the 3rd), Durin, and maybe even Finrír (Durin the 6th), making up the complete set. XD

Now, after repeated revisions of this post because the early version were too long-winded, I really want to have either Thai chicken soup, or some French Toast. Savoury, maybe even with Vegemite on it. I don't think I have ever had sweet French Toast.
  • Listening to: Hobbit EE DVD extras
  • Reading: HP fanfic
  • Eating: Fernydale Peppermints

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