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Merryweather Kyla Sardinia
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White-Haired Seastar by Mimi-Sardinia
White-Haired Seastar
In a bit of a test of my project to make a Lego Lossanárë, I painted Elenlossë's hair white.

I'll explain the logic behind that:

Elennárë was easy, I found a small Lego pack that had a pretty-much ideal figure in it for her already. Elenlossë was a bit of a reach, because there aren't Lego figures in either the Friends or Elves ranges with white hair but I liked the hair on the Elves more than the one blonde in Friends. Now it appears that the storyline of Elves involves a bit of classical elementalism - you know, fire, air, earth and water - and I did find a small pack that had the air-aligned elf, Aira and decided I could live with Elenlossë's hair being purple for the sake of a Lego figure for her. Of course, having a figure for her prompted me to start considering a figure for Lossanárë as well, so I started looking into what was available and the only options were either Mia from Friends or Azari from Elves.

Now there my problem starts to show. Freckles may be cute but I don't really imagine Losá having them, while Azari... well every single image I have made, whether it be on dollmakers or in games like The Sims 4, Lossanárë has had white skin. Plus I don't like the yellow shading on Azari's hair - from all the pictures I have seen it looks like it shades into a mustard-y shade too much. I know a couple of my earliest dollmaker images for her had hair shading to light, but mustard is not a nice yellow. So that means I have to get into a bit of serious customizing, with paint.

Thursday I ordered the parts, including a full Azari, Skyra, plus a few extra body parts for swapping around, and then went out for a while and looked into the question of paint. That proved inconclusive, but yesterday I went to a different shop and eventually found paint at Toyworld, but because I was less than pleased about colours I ended up buying three jars, one in skintone, one in white, and one in pale pink, so I can mix them myself when the pieces arrive. When they do, I will have to remove the paint from the Azari hair and repaint her ears to match the head from Skyra, and whatever body parts I decide on.

But last night I got it into my head to use the white paint to make Elenlossë's hair match her usual image better.

Now I am just waiting for Lossanárë's parts so I can get irritated on how slowly paint comes off (I need something to use on it too, I wore out the remnants of my nail polish remover on Elenlossë) and nut out exact skintone for her ears. 

Meanwhile, in the background, beanie Cinderella in my cuff, and Boromir, Kíli and Elennárë over in front of the key. Also, about the piece Elenlossë is standing on - I have long imagined that type of piece as a hoverboard for Lego figures.
Playing Dress-up with Lego by Mimi-Sardinia
Playing Dress-up with Lego
Here is the result of my Lego cloak order.

To go into detail, the main piece is a grey dementor cloak, with blue stormtrooper shoulder-guards. Then I got some blue ribbon to match the shoulders, and silver cord. I also swapped cloaks - I originally wanted a black one but I don't have any in my collection, so I went for the brown one remembering the brown parts of Grey Warden uniforms (boots, gloves, various straps).

The result is a bit... gown-like? But it's still grey and blue, so I like it and don't feel Eleni would seem cold with the lengths of bare arms and legs showing on the figure. I have a weird aversion to revealing clothing in DA or LotR context. If a character is in armour, I believe it less when there's expanses of bare skin that can get sliced up, and over-all movieverse LotR had modest styles of clothing all around (except for Azog and his wrestling briefs, or Gollum and his scrap of loincloth).
Honestly when I think of the year that has just ended, that the first thing that comes to mind - I didn't play DAI.

Oh, no, I did play the first few minutes of it, but I haven't been able to get myself to go back to it. I also haven't played the Witcher, Mass Effect, DA2, the Witcher 3, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, or my playthrough of DAO with Karma's Companions in it because I think Karma's Companions is buggy as hell but I wanted to see what it did with Jowan and I still haven't reached the point where Jowan's fate is decided.

In fact it seems the only thing I have managed to play right through is Icewind Dale EE and I credit that with it being a game I have played before, though this time around was the first time I ever played Heart of Winter, the expansion adventure, and even then I kinda didn't do it quite right because there's a few minor quests I failed to complete, but there's a couple of minor quests in BG2 I have failed to complete as well, like Montaron's fate, where I Ctrl+Y killed the Harper assassin.

I haven't finished my first play of BG2 either, but not for want of trying, since I got off my butt last night and did the Bridge District and am now partway into the Unseeing Eye quest, which means, Valandir? Yes, I have Keldorn! Mind you, I was amused when going to receive the quest that when the priest told Eleni to look out for Keldorn, Anomen called him arrogant. Pot, meet  kettle, he thinks you are dark-coloured.
I have to go back to that, I took on the Beholders on the other side of the riddle-asking bridge and died, so I'm gonna have to start at the last autosave.

I'm still waiting for my copy of BG1, but I have yet to go roast the seller because Valandhir's Xmas gift hasn't got here yet either and there's been piles of public holidays and weekends to delay it on top of Xmas mail delays. I will start pestering if Valandhir's present gets here and the game hasn't, or the cloaks I ordered for my latest Lego figure do.

The Lego figure? I recently noticed the Lego Elves line and thought it looked cute and was looking at packs while waiting for the session of Star Wars Mum and I went to, but decided to go check another shop. The other shop (Target BTW) had almost no Elves but did have a small pack of the Friends line that had a black-haired figure in it. Just so you get the point, both Friends and Elves are lines targeted at girls with a different style of minifigure to the standard. They're taller, with longer arms and legs, and a bit more shaping in both body and head to give contours, like girl figures having a modest bust and faces with noses.
The one I got is now my minifigure for Elennárë, though she has green eyes, which might fit fine for Stoneverse though (I don't think I ever mentioned if she did get Boromir's eye colour?). She kinda reminds me of some of my older characters like Anvelice and Narri (one of my first Charnames), as they were black hair with green eyes as well. She's currently wearing a grey cloak and holding two swords, but the cloaks I mentioned I'd ordered are for working out more dress options. Ideally I'd love to find a way of really making her look Grey Warden-ish as I can, for a minfigure. Maybe I'll post the photo I took of her (with Boromir and Kíli) to scraps.

But back to last year... well last year was also the trip to New Zealand, and while I'm never one for showing a lot of emotion IRL, I did like it. Enotionally I was up and down like a yo-yo last year, and I am starting to be aware of my depression issues a bit more. Also a visit from Dad and Noddy caused me to have to change my internet plan which has opened me up to watch a lot more YouTube, though unlike Noddy, I am not a Let's Play watcher. I would rather watch cat videos, facts videos about numerous subjects, and hour to multi-hour vids of epic music like Two Steps From Hell.

But I will say Elennárë remains a big part of my life. I don't think I'm anywhere near wandering away from her, and in the last year or two when a new fandom has come around to distract me for a while, it hasn't made me forget her any. She kinda just sits and watches over my metaphorical shoulder, and sometimes my player character ends up another expy of her. Anyone notice the name of my current Charname? Eleni? Her portraits are X-Girl dolls I made of Elennárë. IWD was different because I dug up the basic party idea I played the first time - a party of all women with the leader being an ice-blonde fighter-mage half-elf named Ilyana (there was X-Men influence when I played that first game years ago, Ilyana is named after Magik) with a saucy-voiced Paladin as her second (the saucy voice was an accident but I like the idea of a paladin who, while still being righteous, can be saucy as well). I think this time around I had a halfling thief, an Elf ranger, a human cleric of Lathander, and a dwarf fighter. It really depends on my mind when I make up a team whether such roles as bards or kit types get into a team. Maybe next time I will play a unisex team with a bard in it.

But as for Eleni, she's in the early stages of a romance with Kivan, who is from a mod inserting a BG1 character. I say early stages, because I read up about his romance, and until Spellhold it's all Charname gaining his approval, but no active romantic action happening yet. If the romance is active at Spellhold, there's a scene that changes things and after that active romantic action starts happening. If the romance is not active by Spellhold there alternate plot about the wife e lost before BG1. I have to say he has piles of interjections about lots of events, which is nice, in a way, because it makes him feel more involved than the standard for BG characters. Since he's Good-aligned, he also keeps Eleni on the Good path (they're both Chaotic Good). I have yet to see the stage where Eleni has to smack Anomen down though, but his judgement hasn't arrived yet, and the romance usually takes a turn from 1 (build-up) to 2 (actively involved) after that.

I still want my BG1 though, I want to play Eleni's backstory - how she met Kivan originally, relations with the likes of Ajantis (I have a mod for him as well), Coran (mentioned by Kivan), Neera and Rasaad (both new joinable characters for EE, both in BG1 and reappearing in BG2), and generally a fully fleshed look at who she was by the time she got to Athkatla.

Ugh, but after all that, I now what to go read a long discussion thread about Hexxat and Clara (also new EE characters). I'm still a bit sad that the one person who started trying to make a mod for keeping Clara seems to have forgotten it.

Edit 4/1: BG1 finally got here, same time as Valandhir's gift. I am going through mods right now, but intend to start a game immediately... with a portrait of my newest Lego figure.
Edit the 2nd: Oops, I kinda got myself in for a buttload of modding by using an automated mod tool. Some of the downloads are big - as in almost 500MB big. I decided to say "Fuck it!" and not DL them. I want to play this game before I get so tired have to go to bed.
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